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How it works

10xMBA is a Swiss company offering training modules which can be purchased by companies on behalf of their employees. Training sessions take place either online, at the company's premises or at 10xMBA training locations anywhere around the world. Those sessions are delivered in either English or French.

Each module can be purchased separately and is conducted by one or more experienced facilitators. Modules are participant-centered workshops that involve active learning: they mainly consist of real-life case studies and work simulations conducted in small groups, interspersed with a presentation of key concepts.

If your company is not offering our training modules, contact us or ask your HR or Learning & Development representative to contact us. If you'd like to take the training as a private customer, email us with the module(s) of interest to you and we'll get back to you with a custom offering at a sweet price.

Unleash your productivity

We have designed 10 training modules for participants to acquire all the soft skills they need.

Each module lasts from half a day to multiple days, and can be taken independently from other modules.

If participants take all modules, participants get certified with the 10xMBA degree.

Great managers

Build highly-efficient teams & become a great manager

Working remotely

Stay organised & productive, ensure team cohesion & motivation

Project management

Adopt methodologies to organise & automate projects and take data-driven decisions

Innovation & change

Prototype, create products users want & deliver 10x

Interpersonal communications

Provide & receive feedback, resolve conflicts & communicate well

Pitching & storytelling

Deliver outstanding presentations of yourself and of your services

Advanced negotiation

Get more by becoming an astute dealmaker

Stress & time management

Use frameworks to cope with the important and the urgent

Wellbeing & motivation

Create psychological safety in teams & find meaning in work

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Assemble diverse & inclusive teams

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Meet the team

Here are the world-class trainers facilitating the 10 modules mentioned above.



Senior engineering manager at Google for 15 years. Ex-consultant. Engineering & MBA degrees.
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Architect. Ex-manager in civil engineering. Engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (France) & Architecture degree.
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Multicultural entrepreneur & athlete. Guinness World Record holder (solo kitesurfing along 1,000 km). Engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (France) & MBA from Berkeley (USA).
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Airplane pilot since 2018. Founder & ex-CEO of an acoustical engineering company operating since 2007. Engineering degree from Southampton University.
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This could be you

Reach out to join@10xMBA.com


This could be you

Reach out to join@10xMBA.com

Samples & Testimonials

"The trainer is super clear and I love that he is obsessed with the topic!"

"Excellent presentation style and highly engaging."

"Great data-driven content & easy tools to implement with lots of practical examples on how to use them."


Prices don't include VAT, nor travel expenses (for on-site training).
Each of the 10 modules has an ideal duration but their duration can be adapted to your needs.
For more participants, contact us.

Number of participants Per half-day Per full day
Up to 10 2,400 € 3,000 €
Up to 16 3,200 € 4,000 €
Up to 20 3,600 € 4,500 €
Up to 24 3,900 € 4,800 €
Up to 30 4,800 € 6,000 €
Number of participants Per half-day Per full day
Up to 10 2,400 € 3,000 €
Up to 16 3,200 € 4,000 €
Up to 20 3,600 € 4,500 €
Up to 24 3,900 € 4,800 €
Up to 30 4,800 € 6,000 €

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to reveal its answer. If your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The name "10xMBA" (pronounced "ten-x-M-B-A") consists of "10x" and "MBA". "10x" because we believe that participants will increase their productivity by going through any of the 10 modules in our offering. Going through all 10 modules will likely allow participants to increase their output and their creativity by an order of magnitude i.e. multiplied by 10. "MBA" because we will award participants with a genuine degree if you complete those 10 modules.

Each of the 10 modules can be adjusted to last from half a day up to 5 days. The recommended duration for each module is 3 days. Half a day is generally not optimal as it doesn’t provide enough time for meaningful real-life scenarios and corresponding debriefing, but can be useful if an introduction is required (the format would then likely consist of a couple of presentations, Q&A, and a brief group activity or case study). Please don't hesitate to discuss with us what your needs would be.

We focus on soft skills – the kind of skills that most often require learning by doing. As a result, our workshops are designed to make participants be active as much as possible, individually and in groups. The 10xMBA training facilitators all have extended and varied industry experience, and have successfully trained thousands of people over the years, with excellent feedback.

Check out the founder's brief story behind 10xMBA, a project initially started in 2017.

For any question: contact@10xMBA.com
+41 44 668 17 20 (EMEA & APAC)
+1 212 565 2030 (Americas)